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News Updates
2013-08-14 The conference will be held as usual. Please download the updated programme rundown.
2013-08-14 The Observatory will issue the Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 around 2 p.m.
2013-08-14 Typhoon signal number 8 has been hoisted in Hong Kong. Flights to Hong Kong may be delayed. Please notice the traffic situation before departure.
2013-08-13 Programme rundown has been updated.

When Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 8 (or above) or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued, the following arrangements of the 4th International Conference of Han Characters Education and Research will apply:

When Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 8 (or above) or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is hoisted Conference Program Arrangement
If either of the warnings is issued or in force at or after 6:00am All morning sessions (9:30-14:00) commencing before 2:00pm will be cancelled automatically.
If either of the warnings is issued or in force at or after 12:00am [Note] All afternoon sessions commencing at any time from 2:00pm to 8:30pm will be cancelled automatically.

[Note] If the warning is proposed to be cancelled after 12pm, shuttle bus will pick up guests at ibis Hotel at around 1:45pm. For guests staying at HKU Robert Black College, please gather at Dining Room at around 1:45pm and our staff will bring you the venue.

2013-08-13 IMPORTANT NEW! Since Severe Typhoon Utor was estimated to be about 600 kilometres southeast of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Observatory has hoisted the Standby Signal No. 1 this afternoon. In this connection, please be informed that we may need to make some necessary arrangement on the Conference program (including the Conference opening schedule as well as the shuttle bus pick-up arrangement at ibis Hotel) in response to the weather condition. In case we have to confirm to make change in the conference arrangement, we will announce the update on our Conference website ( at around 7:30am on Aug 15 (this Thursday), Day 1 of the Conference. Please kindly observe our latest announcement online. Should you have any inquiry, please contact us via email ( or phone to (852) 6805 5230.
The programme rundown is now available. Please note that it will be subject to change and the final version will be distributed at the Conference.
If you have asked the Conference Secretariat to arrange accommodation, please note that:
  1. for any cancellation, Ibis Hotel requires a minimum 7-day prior notification. Kindly note that one-night room rate will be imposed to the guest in the event of no-show / cancellation.
  2. please provide your flight no. and arrival time for hotel's arrangement by Aug 7 via email (
  3. Shuttle bus will be arranged to bring guests from IBIS Hotel to Conference Venue during the two-day Conference (Aug 15 & 16). Please gather at hotel lobby at 8:25am. Thank you!
2013-05-15 Please note that the submission deadline of Conference abstract has been extended to 3 June 2013. Thank you for your kind attention.
2013-05-15 Call for Abstracts (in Chinese)
(Appendix: Abstract Submission Form)